The Lye Saga
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Story Two:

King For A Day
comment: king kai's takin' a break, and Goku fills in. But look who shows up at that tiny little planet....

King Kai sat alone in his house. He was so bored, he hadn't trained anyone in a while, Bubbles
an Gregory were no fun, and he had no one to talk to. All, all alone on that lonely planet. He sat there
and thought, What can I do!? Suddenly the thought hit him, he had never really gone on a trip before.
But where would he go, which planet, there were so many?! Earth! He had to go to earth, he had
friends there! Like Yamcha, and Chao Su. Hooray! he thought, but someone will have to take my
place for a while. Hmm.. He thought for a while. Who better than Goku, his most trusted student. So
he telekenetically talked to Goku.

"Hey Goku!"

"King Kai, is that you?"

"Yes, it's me, what are you doing?"

"Taking a bath! Do you mind?!"

"Mind what Goku honey?" Chi Chi asked, poking the fire under the garbage can Goku was
seated in.

"Ooh nothing Chi Chi, I'm just talking to King Kai."

"What does he want?" Chi Chi asked rudely.

"I dunno..."

"You don't know what?" Kind Kai asked.

"I don' t know what you want, what do you want Kind Kai?" Goku asked.

"I want to take a vacation." King Kai replied. "And I want you to take my place."

"Umm.. sure.. when?"

"When what? " Chi chi screamed. "You're not going to leave me here again.. Goku?? what are
you agreeing to?!" Chi Chi continued shouting at Goku, until all of a sudden....

"Hey!" King Kai said from inside the tub. "You must be Chi Chi, I'm King Kai."

"Where's Goku?" Chi Chi screamed, backing away slowly.

"Oh he's taking over for me for a day." King Kai replied.

"Uggghh!" Chi Chi groaned. "He's gonna get it when he gets back! He's always leaving me, to
train, to die.. to fight! ...." she muttered on as she enter the house.

"Umm..." King Kai looked around... "I'm kinda stuck in here." He wriggled around inside the tub
for a while, until it tipped over completely.


"Woah!" Goku said, looking around. He was on King Kai's planet. "Wow..I haven't been here in
ages.. I wonder..." he looked towards the house, he walked over to it, and went inside. "Good ol' King
Kai!" he said, opening the fridge. "He's always got a good supply of food." and he stuffed his face.


Meanwhile, a certain fiery headed, grey eyed demon, was flying along snake way, hoping to be
trained by King Kai. She wanted to learn to used fire attacks, like the jerk that had killed her, and that
stupid crazy lady too.

Using her demon magic, Lye soon arrived at the planet.


King Kai's first stop was to see Bulma. He had only ever talked to her telekenetically, and he
wanted to talk to her face to face. And he hoped she'd lend him a car. He walked over to capsule
corp, and knocked on the door. Trunks and Goten answered.

"Who the hell are you?" Goten asked, answering the door for Trunks, who was stuffing his

"I'm King Kai," King Kai replied, "I wish to talk to Bulma..."

"Oh, that bag is in her laboratory," Goten replied, pointing towards Bulma's lab.

King Kai nodded in thanks, and walked towards the lab. He decided just to walk in , and
surprise Bulma...

"Holy $@#%!" Bulma screamed, when she turned around to see the giant fat blue bug standing
in the middle of the lab. She grabbed a fly swatter, and hit King Kai repeatedly over the head with it.

"Hey! What's your problem?" King Kai ducked out of the way. Bulma stopped swatting him.

"That voice," she muttered to herself.. "King Kai?" she asked mysteriously.

"Hey Bulma!"

"Oh wow!" she cried ditsily. "We have to get everyone here!" She pulled out a cell phone from
her shirt, and started calling everyone on the phone... starting with Goku.

"Chi Chi? Is Goku there?" Bulma asked.

"No!" Chi chi snapped back.

"Woah.. hiss!" Bulma replied. "So where is he?"

"He can be in the H.F.I.L. for all I care.." she replied.

"Why, what did he do?" Bulma asked.

"He switched places with King Kai!" Bulma looked over a King Kai, who smiled, and nodded.

"Oh kay!" Bulma said. "Well I'll talk to ya later Chi Chi" she hung up quickly. "Bitch," she
whispered under her breath. "Okay King Kai, you go make yourself comfortable. My daughter who's
not supposed to be born yet but is, will show you around." Bulma snapped her fingers, and Bra

"What the hell?" Bra asked.. "Does Chantal want me in this story too?"

"No," Jenny the Author replied, "I'm bored, and I couldn't think of what should happen next."

"Whatever," Bra replied, and she and King Kai left to explore capsule corp. Meanwhile, Bulma
called Tien, Yamcha, Choa Suu, and Piccolo up on the phone, and Gohan and Krillin just for the hell
of it, cuz King Kai had talked to them too.


"Wow!" Lye remarked as she watched Goku approach her. "This world is just full of hot guys,
first that one that shot me, now this hotty! I gotta be in heaven!"

"Who are you?" Goku asked innocently.

"That voice.." Lye thought for a minute... "King Kai?"

"No.. I'm taking over for the day... My name is Goku, who are you?"

"You don't have a son, do you? And a bitchy wife?"

"Yes I have two sons, Gohan and Goten, and I have a very bitchy wife, Chi Chi!"

"AGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Lye screamed... "Your stupid wife killed me!"

"How could Chi Chi do the- are yo the psycho demon?"

"Well I'm a demon," she replied, "and your wife killed me!"

Wow! Goku thought.. "I think you should leave, you're evil! You tried to kill my sons, and

"They tried to spoil my fun." Lye pouted. "And I'm not leaving til you teach me to throw fire like
'Cheee Chee ' did. " She snickered at Chi Chi's name.

"Why should I?" Goku asked. "Plus I can't train you til you complete some tasks, it's the

"Okay... well you should, cuz one... I'm a demon, and I can go back to earth whenever I want
and kill everyone you love, and two, I can complete any ask you set at me."

"Okay.." Goku had no choice, he knew, as everyone does, that demons can never really die,
they have the ability to go from check in stations, straight back to where they died. So he decided to
train Lye.. "Let's get started."


Everyone was gathered at Bulma's house, and the visited, but since that isn't the point of the
story, I'm not going to bore you with the details....


Lye ha d been trying for hours to make Goku laugh. She didn't know any jokes.

"Damn this is hard.. " She thought and thought...

"Well?" goku asked.

"Shut up! I'm thinking!" Lye shouted at him. "I didn't think this would be that hard.. " Lye
sniffed, and then burst into tears, "I sniff..!!"

Goku burst into peels of laughter. "Shut up! It's not funny!" Lye shouted at him ... "Hey.. I made
you laugh...! I win!" She stood up triumphantly, and stuck her tongue out at him.. "Now what?"

"Catch him," Goku pointed to Bubbles. Bubbles started running. Goku hung his head, and
went to stuff himself again, while Lye ran after Bubbles. After realizing that she couldn't catch him on
foot, Lye jumped up and flew around. She just dropped herself in front of the furry beast, and it ran
right into her. (damn this story is long)

"Oh Sexy..I'm ready for my next test!" Goku shouted something that Lye couldn't hear, and
suddenly a little bug was in front of her. Goku kept eating, he wasn't having fun, he didn't think he'd
have to train anyone.. especially this slut.

"Now what?" Lye asked, getting bored.

"You have to hit me with that hammer," Gregory replied.

Lye giggled. "Are you a girl or a guy?" she asked.

"My name is Gregory!" he said angrily.

"So, Gregory, are you a girl or a guy?"

"Ugg!" Gregory started to fly away. When his back was turned, Lye telekentically picked up
the hammer, and whacked the girly bug senseless with it.

"Hahahah! Goku Sexy! I'm finished, so teach me already." she strutted up to him.

Goku really didn't want to train her. "You have to complete one more task, " he smirked like
sexy Vegeta, "You have to beat me to an eating contest."

"Forget that!" Lye cried, "I'm anorexic."

"Really?" Goku asked, getting concerned.

"No, but I'm glad you care Goku Sexy, now teach me."


"Oh.. so you WANT me to kill your family?"

"No.." he sighed.. "I can't teach you," he smiled , "but I know who can, just wait til I return to
earth, and I'll take you to him."

"Fine." Lye sighed. She sat down, and insulted Goku for the rest of the day, while he ate
himself silly.


King Kai had just finished visiting with all his old friends, when his watch bleeped.

"Oops, sorry guys! I promised Goku, I'd only be gone for a day! Bye!"

"Bye King Kai!" they all replied, and he disappeared. Goku appeared in his place, with food all
over his face, and a few feet behind him, a girl was sitting on the ground, with her head in her hands,
looking bored.

"Goku!" everyone shouted at once.

"Uh..hi everyone!" he said like the idiot he was.

"It's her..!" Gohan shouted, as he charged at Lye. Goku blocked his son.

"Gohan, Lye is uhh.. well not good, but I'm taking her to .." he whispered his little plan into his
son's ear. Gohan giggled like the ugly freak that he is, and went and told every one. "C'mon Lye,"
Goku said. "We're gonna go get you trained."

They then flew to Master Roshi's place, where Lye was sexually harassed, til she screamed for
mercy, and turned completely good. She then moved to the exact opposite end of the earth from
Master Roshi's little island.